ThisMichaelBrown -


Narlins make music!


"ThisMichaelBrown and The Green Cave are based in New Orleans, LA. Both a recording studio and a video production cave, the last year has seen over 40 green screen creations from this song writer / producer / engineer. The latest triple album authoring brings the tally to 11 albums. Collaborators include Sacramento-based ANT Occhipinti on drums, as well as several lifelong music cave podnas..."


Hope y'all enjoy!






The Music makers featured on many of me tunes!

Jose Gude - Seattle -  Co-writing comarade, Keyboards, and many a Bass line 


Phil Robertson - Monster studio master from Vancouver - Drums


Jim Brown - New Orleans - Kin and more Vocals


Antony Occhipinti - Sacramento - Mo Drums!


Al Mixon - Carolina - Co-writing comrade