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Michael Brown




Today, I’m a a squirrel

This time, this place

There’s trouble in my squirrel world

This bird, those cars


I’m much more than a bushy tail

I am the center of it all

That human looks a little sad

And why so big?


Gathering nuts and staying warm

I do my thing

How’d the humans lose their tail, 



It’s Monday, in my squirrel world



Today, I am me

This time, this place

Mighty Sapiens, in the Western world

I try, this pace



The space between the All, and the bird, and me, and the squirrel

Surely is much the same, to be in reverence, a better aim.



Today I’m a bird

Way deep, in the burbs

Preparing, transatlantic flight

I felt the change


Not bad for a mere bird brain

And its time to eat

I got my eye up on that squirrel

Dont judge me


The monkeys look a little mad

They eat anything 

I guess that feeder is sort of kind

But I’m not so sure


It’s Tuesday, in my bird world

Just a day In my World