"No One Calls Out For Pythagoras"

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ThisMichaelBrown and The Barbies



“No One Calls Out for Pythagoras”


I’d like to present you some very strange math

It conveys just how much I care

10 pages or so of twists and curves

Please tell me it moves you there


Our essence reduced to an engine

Of hot steam and burning coal

Just look what our new tech can do for you


Now how can we effect this strange machine

We’ll pull on this,  insert into that

Consciousness reduced to  a block of cheese

It’s all in that big  hunk of cheese


They come back exclaiming there’s God

We tell them their oxygen’s low

Heaven’s just a hole in a chemical chart



400 years of science, yes it freed the neighbor’s witch

But we’re crushing all the Spirit, the reasons we exist

Without the precious balance, we gonna dry up inside

Cause no one calls out  for Pythagoras when they die


Da da da


The greatest risk to my own health

is working in the modern health

Mechanics’ cars up on blocks

How did we get into this


Too much reliance on one tool

We’re cutting the person to fit

We cutting the person, to fit the coat