Fatal Flaw

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Michael Brown and Ant Occhipinti


Fatal Flaw 

Way down on the swampy leg, of chromosome number 4
There’s a Crick deep down in the strands, that i stood before
A twisted, malshalpen ugly, darkened fleshy spot
Tightly tied this bad allele, a tortured twisted knot
There i stood before…and i saw
The fishes, and the birds, the bees, the deer, the antelope
all shift and turn on a dime, dodging hungry foe
moving all at once, en masse, they stay so tightly packed
Standing out, in this game will surely get you whacked
Burdened by this law…
A fatal flaw, a fatal flaw
The shock and awe, The fatal flaw
But in the Monkey, this is so much more
Politics and Dogma and War
We just can't seem to let each other be
You must live your life just like me
Burdened, red and raw...

A fatal flaw, a fatal flaw
We'll make it law, The fatal flaw

And Here We stand upon the edge of flight
Trying to rise with all our might...