The Progress... - Album #8

The new album from ThisMichaelBrown! Early 2016 release!


Mutt Nogg - Album #7

"Mutt Nogg" is a Christmas bootleg from 2013. Early 2014 release...


Time Travel - ALBUM #6

Early 2012 release, mastered at Abbey Road, London!



Michael Brown: Michael Brown

Got Freedom? - ALBUM #5

Late 2010 release asking a not so rhetorical question...


Michael Brown & Jose Gude: Got Freedom?

Van Gogh Work Ethic - ALBUM #4

The first 6 weeks of 2010 with Seattle giant Jose Gude! 


Michael Brown & Jose Gude: The Van Gogh Work Ethic

All Seasonal Zen - ALBUM #3

Late 2009, Christmas release of sorts...yet all seasonal ;)


Michael Brown: All Seasonal Zen

Let Go - ALBUM #2

2008 and the years surrounding Hurricane Katrina...Ouch. But, some of my favs!


Michael Brown: Let Go

Covering Ground - ALBUM #1

The fledgling! Way back to 1998 when the trip to non-stardom had just begun ;)


MIchael Brown: Covering Ground