Narlins make music!

This Michael Brown resounds from New Orleans, LA, recording with collaborators in Seattle, Sacramento, and Canada via da net. The melody is paramount, as is the perennial philosophy in his canticles and testimonies...However, writing about himself in the third person causes much existential angst ;). Melodic rock in the tradition of The Beatles, Queen, Crowded House and Rush may sum things up a bit. The 8 Albums span from my brand new early 2016 release "The Progress..." all the way back to my first recording some 24 years ago. My day job as a pathologist has provided the funding ;) 

Hope Y'all enjoy!



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The Music makers featured on many of me tunes!

Jose Gude - Seattle -  Co-writing comarade, Keyboards, and many a Bass line 


Phil Robertson - Monster studio master from Vancouver - Drums


Jim Brown - New Orleans - Kin and more Vocals


Antony Occhipinti - Sacramento - Mo Drums!


Al Mixon - Carolina - Co-writing comrade